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A demonstration house from an architectural program at

A Weekly Update on New Entries on Affordable Cohousing

Tiny House Construction Costs

Tiny House Construction Costs: The Real Numbers Tiny house construction costs are at the heart of the first question asked about a tiny house. Well, maybe the second, the first being how do you live in 400 SF? One of the authorities on designing, building, and living in tiny houses is Ryan Mitchel of the website The Tiny Life lives …

Retrofitting Old Buildings with Prefab Facades

Retrofitting old buildings has become faster and less disruptive with a prefab, modular facade installed on top of an existing facade to instantly help the building save energy. And doing it while the residents continue living in the building. For cohousers rehabbing a building, this makes it possible to do an energy retrofit without delaying move-in or having to move …

My Grandmother's House

My grandmother's house was a white frame, very neat and tidy, on the corner of two unpaved roads and with an outhouse in the backyard next to an apple tree. A rusted barrel was used to burn trash. The neighborhood smelled of burning coal all winter. To the west were acres of cornfields; to the east a block of 12 …
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